advertising opportunities

Whether a business is a large corporation or a small single-family operated business, all businesses benefit from advertising. Every time you advertise it lets potential customers know you’re in business. Thriving businesses understand the importance of marketing.


$50 for 1 Blast or $150 for 4 Blasts*

Your flyer or announcement will be sent to all Chamber members including every employee they have on file along with everyone else who has signed up to receive our Email blasts.  We will also put it out on our Facebook page.

website ad

Front Page
Rotating Banner Ad
 $600 for 6 months or $1,000 for a year
Inside Pages
Rotating Banner Ad  $400 for 6 months or $750 for a year

Featuring your company or event logo.  By clicking on the logo, you are directed to your website/event.

Display ad
chamber lobby

 8 x 10   $180 for 6 months or $300 for a year

*If you purchase the 4 blast special, you have up to one year from purchase to use all 4 blasts.

additional directory


$25 for 1 or $100 for 5 Categories (Per Year)

One directory category is included in your membership, but you may purchase additional entries to better represent your different business services.